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The Algerian Karakou: A Symbol Of Elegance

Warning for men who take their wife or girlfriend to the boutique: the Algerian karakou is very charming. It has the power to wipe your

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

The Stunning Edo Bridal Gown: A Look Into The Traditions And Culture Of Southern Nigeria

When it comes to weddings, every culture has its unique traditions and customs. In Nigeria, one of the most fascinating wedding traditions is that of

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

African Designer, Danielle Bei, Launches Hand Made Ankara Brand For Kids In UK

African fashion designer and entrepreneur, Danielle Bei from Côte d’Ivoire, unveils Petitbei—a hand made Ankara brand for kids in UK and the diaspora at large,

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

A Look Into The Refreshing Moments Of Ojude-Oba Festival And The Owambe Season 2022

Earlier this year, Ojude-Oba Festival organized by Rite Foods in Ogun State, Nigeria, was a sight of a rich cultural heritage. The event was so

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

Trashion Runway: Teens Send A Message Converting Trash Into Clothes In Modern Fashion Show

In a runway event in Lagos, organized by Greenfingers Wildlife Conservation, teens catwalked in clothes made from trash that many people have never seen to

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

Movie Stars And Celebrities At The Nollywood “Palava” Premiere In Stunning Owambe Wanda Outfits (PHOTOS)

Big Nollywood names, and the cast for the new comedy movie Palava appeared really stunning in colorful “owambe wanda” outfits as themed during the movie

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

Fally Ipupa Shutdown 6x O2 Arena’s Capacity In Congolese Fashion

Grammy nominee, BET Awards nominee, and MTV Africa Music Awards winner, Fally Ipupa recently shutdown Stade de Martyrs in Kinshasa. The Sexy Dance Congolese singer