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25+ Keyboard Shortcuts You Didn’t Know About On Twitter especially for busy moms with more than two hands working remotely to manage a Twitter business/brand account to keep the bills paid.

Trust me there are shortcuts in life. Let’s jump straight to it so the pancakes doesn’t get too fried.

Keyboard shortcuts:

The following are a list of keyboard shortcuts to use on Twitter.


n  =  new Tweet

l  =  like

r  =  reply

t  =  Retweet

m  =  Direct Message

u  =  mute account

b  =  block account

enter  =  open Tweet details

o   =  expand photo

/  =  search

cmd-enter | ctrl-enter  =  send Tweet


?  =  full keyboard menu

j  =  next Tweet

k  =  previous Tweet

space  =  page down

.  =  load new Tweets


g and h  =  Home timeline

g and o  =  Moments

g and n  =  Notifications tab

g and r  =  Mentions

g and p  =  profile 

g and l  =  likes tab

g and i  =  lists tab

g and m  =  Direct Messages

g and s  =  Settings and privacy

g and u  =  go to someone’s profile

To be honest, I recently just discovered the shortcuts myself 🙂

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By Elijah Christopher



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