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Cashless transactions in Africa have the potential to revolutionize financial transactions across the continent.

Mobile payments are becoming increasingly common, as are new payment innovations such as blockchain technology. With its large unbanked population, Africa is prime for the adoption of these technologies, as they offer the potential to reduce costs and increase access to banking services for many people. Additionally, cashless transactions offer greater security, improved accuracy and convenience for users, and more data for businesses.

Although, one of the biggest challenges for less privileged Africans to catch up with digital trends is access to technology and resources. Many parts of Africa lack proper infrastructure such as internet access, electricity, and even basic computing devices. 

Furthermore, due to financial restrictions, many may not be able to afford the technology necessary to participate in online communities or take advantage of the internet’s inherent opportunities. 

In order to bridge the digital divide, initiatives aimed at providing access to technology, educational opportunities, and mentorship must be put in place.

By Elijah Christopher 


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