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Welcome to another edition of our Wedding Inspiration Series. Today we want to talk about wedding photographers. Besides wedding planners, wedding photographers are one key element that can not be negotiated upon. Remember the saying that goes, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’! Well, what do you want your wedding pictures to say about your special day? Investing in a great photographer is like investing in a piece of history that never loses value (Trying to be poetic here, but it’s true 😊). Anyway, we want to introduce our fam to two veteran wedding photographers who are among the best in the industry. Our personal faves and masters of their craft are @georgeokoroweddings and @rhphotoarts.


George Okoro of @georgeokoroweddings is a critically acclaimed wedding photographer based in Nigeria. For years brides and and grooms have enlisted the service of this veteran photographer to capture the unforgettable moments of their special day. Click on the video to view his exceptional work. To book or for more info definitely contact @georgeokoroweddings. Video Song: My woman my everything by @patorankingfire ft. @wandecoal



Veteran wedding photographer Raheem of @rhphotoarts is one in a million. His ability to uniquely capture the essence of each couple is parallel to none. Based in Houston Texas, this international wedding photographer ensures that his clients have memories that they will always treasure. Click on the video to view his remarkable work. To book or for more info definitely contact @rhphotoarts or log on to Video Song: African Queen by @official2baba




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