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Unveiling Africa to the World

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There is an African adage that says, “When the roots of a tree begin to decay, it spreads death to the branches.” Lots of countries in Africa are regarded as “developing”. This in reality, implies the opposite as far as resources and their applications to intensive growth is concerned. Many African countries are a far cry from “developing”. The rest of world vaguely relates with the bad hand history dealt Africa and the continuous exploitation of all its richness and innocence that has sealed its fate as the main underdog that pays and keeps paying for the humanity’s advancement. But the rest of the world and Africa’s beneficiaries at large must wake up to the adage: Africa as a wellspring must be prioritized for advancement and empowered if any global advancement will be sustained.

At A New Touch of Africa, we are geared to show Africa in its beauty and reality to the world; bringing the truths that bemoan its culture, history in the making, places, products and people to the world’s conciousness.

A New Touch Of Africa

Unveiling Africa to the world

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