About Us

Hello Beautiful People! Our purpose at a New Touch of Africa is to “unveil” Africa to the world. “Unveil” Africa to the world? What does that mean? Well, we are so glad you asked that question…lol. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, to unveil means to remove a veil or covering from something.

Africa does not have a physical veil or covering, but in the hearts and minds of many, Africa remains a mysterious continent that has not quite caught up with the modern world. Our goal is to eradicate that notion from the hearts and minds of individuals. I hope you will go along with us on this journey as we celebrate Africa’s rich culture, highlight the many achievements that Africans at home and abroad have made in various industries, and introduce you to different resources and products that may be of benefit to you.

For those who are familiar with Africa, its culture, and the achievements and influences of its people, we hope you enjoy this site and we make you proud. For those who are not familiar we hope you love this site too, learn a lot, and endeavor to experience this rich culture for yourself. Thank you for taking this ride with us!