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Spokesman of Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB), Mr Tunji Oketumbi He disclosed that a team of investigators has been dispatched to the scene of the accident that took place at Lagos airport this Friday.

An aircraft belonging to Jedidiah Air on Friday crashed into a fence at General Aviation Terminal (GAT), local wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos.

The incident happened while the King Air 200 jet with registration number 5N-HIS, was reparking at the tarmac close to a facility used by Bristow Helicopters.

An eyewitness told that most probably the accident happened due to brake failure.

“The accident happened at the tarmac beside Bristow Helicopter Hanger 3.

However, there was no passenger on board and the pilot sustained no injury.

“The brake of the jet was not functioning at the time which led to the collision of the jet with the fence of Bristow Helicopter hanger,” the eyewitness said.



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