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Total confirmed coronavirus cases in Africa have passed 750,000, a Reuters tally of government and World Health Organization data showed on Wednesday.

The tally showed the continent had 751,151 cases, 15,721 deaths and 407,461 recoveries. Cases crossed the 500,000 mark on July 8.

The virus hit Africa later than other continents and transmission rates are lower than elsewhere. Still, this could translate into a prolonged, years-long outbreak, WHO said in May.

Most countries on the continent have imposed restrictions on public gatherings and international travel and introduced curfews among other steps meant to curb the spread of the virus.

Although many have also started gradually easing lockdowns to reopen hard-hit economies, governments are alert to the fact that opening up too quickly could lead to a spike in new cases.

The Reuters tally put South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt and Algeria as the leading countries with COVID 19 cases on the continent. 



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