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International broadcasting star and American of Nigerian descent, Sheila Okonji-Ashinze, simply known to her followers as ‘Sheila O’ has stated that Afrobeats is the future and the style is now being adapted by other artistes in other continent.

“African music or Afrobeats is the future. The style is being adapted by a lot of A- list US and of course UK artistes. The versatility of the sound is undeniably palatable by most in the diaspora including non-Africans and is a party starter.

“Anything that gets the people dancing is a sure winner. The lyrics are non-threatening and the rhythm is infectious. I strongly believe that Afrobeats would end up being elevated like Hip hop. Afrobeats is a culture, lifestyle and an on-going movement,” she explained.

She urged African artistes especially emerging ones to remain original and produce quality music.

“Make quality music and be authentic! Some artists try too hard to change their styles to fit the American listener. Collaborations may help music tracks trend but it’s not the be-all or end-all.”



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