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Her grandmother Elizabeth hails from Africa’s oldest Republic Liberia, and adopted Samantha Diaz, when she was a kid.

A strong irreversible bound was created between them and at age 21 years old she resides with her grandmother at the Frederick Douglas Houses in Harlem, New York, USA.

As life changes for the American Idol 2020 Winner, Samantha Diaz, stage name ‘Just Sam’ wants to appreciate her grandmother who is aging and has been supporting a hospital project in her home country Liberia.

Relishing her grandmother’s wish on Access network Monday in the USA, the American Idol 2020 Winner said, three weeks prior to her winning the prestigious title, she asked her grandmother what she desires if she captures the title or acquires some huge cash.

According to her, Grand Mother Elizabeth revealed that she has been sending remittance to Liberia for a hospital project.

She said to me ” I don’t want anything personally, but if you could finish building that hospital that will be enough for me. Not many people go back to Africa/ Liberia and do something actually permanent. People will go and give money and is gone, they will come and have a show , or show a movie video then they are gone.”

Samantha said, she hopes to build a modern hospital in Liberia for Granma Elizabeth that will impact the lives of the people of Liberia.

“I just want to say, grandma, I know this is super over welcoming for you but this has happened, is not a dream, I was thinking it was a dream but is not. People like us can do it, here I’m, a walking testimony, grandma I love you so much and want you to know that this is for you and thank you America,”she said.

Having a deep root to Liberia and Africa, Samantha also commended all Liberians including Kreative Mindz Television (KMTV) and others who joined her social media groups, campaigns and voted her, saying that she owed it to Liberians, Africa and all her supporters.

“One day you’re living in the project (place for under privilege) and the next day you American idol this is crazy” Samantha Diaz said on social media as she continues to appreciate all supporters for a job well done and for helping to transformed her life.

The rising star ‘Just Sam’ acknowledged that without the support from all her support groups, media institutions and others, her dream as the new American idol was not going to become a reality.

“Oh!!, I just want to say thanks so much to everyone that has been supporting me, rootling for me sharing my post, the love and positive energy, thanks to everyone, my grandmother who has been doing literary the most for me I’m so grateful.”

The 2020 American Idol has been singing and performing around New York City’s subway and was making a living out of it prior to her auditioning for the title.

On Sunday, May 17, 2020, Just Sam was crowned the winner of American Idol season 18.

There are lots of opportunities that comes with the American Idol title, including a record deal with a major label, which may be for up to six albums, and secures a management contract with American Idol-affiliated 19 Management, as well as various lucrative contracts.

“Idol” winner is now worth at least $1 million and as of 2020, Just Sam’s net worth was around $100 thousand and it is bound to rise soon.

Moreover, the singer is on her way to recording her albums. And with her followers on the rise, many foreseen she might earn a great cash.

Born on November 23, 1998 in New York City, USA, the American Idol 2020 has a short documentary about her singing life called “Sam, Underground.”



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