ANTOA POETRY: The Earth Cries Too

ANTOA POETRY: The Earth Cries Too

The Earth Cries Too

We’re bringing down our houses

And stabbing our chefs.

Our stomach is full of animals

And plants, as we strip the lands naked.

The Earth is hurt, but we’re too busy

With politics to hear her cry.

Her tear is hot like molten magma

Through the heat she cries,

And tries to speak.

There’s a planet B.

But Mars isn’t ready for us.

There’s a plan B.

And doing better is one way

To stop being the virus.

By Elijah Christopher

Elijah Christopher

Elijah Christopher is a journalist at A New Touch Of Africa, is also a creative writer, a poet, and an IT enthusiast. He contributed to the collaborative poem written in celebration of Edwin Morgan Centenary, the first Glasgow poet laureate and Scottish national poet from the University of Glasgow. He loves meeting people and learning about new places, cultures, events, and lifestyles.

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