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Apple finally launched its iPhone 14 series as well as rolling out the Apple watch series 8 that detects ovulation period in women via temperature sensors.

While people are excited about the new series, it appears that only the 14 Pro came with the latest chip feature—the A16 Bionic chip. Other models are still running on the A15 Bionic chip that was first introduced with the iPhone 13.

One thing is certain for the all the iPhone 14 models—a unique experience.

Let’s get a bit technical. I hope you don’t get bored 🙂

A common feature of the iPhone 14 series is the major new hardware feature with an emergency notifications via SOS. Plus, a specially constructed directional antenna allows you to send messages to an emergency service when you happen to be in difficulty. This guides you to point the iPhone in the exact direction of the satellite. 

Brilliant and lifesaving, isn’t it?

The iPhone 14 Pro is however exclusively designed to do amazing stuff in sleep mode. I’ll explain:

It comes with a unique display that preserves power by dropping down to an ultra-low refresh rate of just 1Hz. It dims the screen, and sends updates over to a dedicated low-power coprocessor to keep notifications up to date, time, and widgets.


Other general features include a new crash safety detection feature which is also available on the new Apple Watch Series 8. The Apple watch series 8 can also detect ovulation period in women via a temperature sensor with an end-to-end encryption—meaning that Apple cannot have access to the data.

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By Elijah Christopher



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