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If Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth, then I may have missed the part of the Bible that described just how the couple looked like.

Were  Adam and Eve as hot as today’s mannequin 🤔 

Although I think they really started innovative fashion with those leaves around their waist. Okay, that should probably look really hot even though it’s fresh and green 🔥 🌿

What usually comes to my head when I think of Adam and Eve, is a ripped tall white guy and a slim girl with the same complexion 😆

I’m really going to be informal with this article. I think I’m doing that already. Let’s assume you and I are just sitting and have talk on TV okay or just having a podcast about body sizes, beauty, and fashion.

But honestly, sometimes I get different versions of Adam and Eve in my head:

  • Black, tall, slim (for both)
  • Adam being black, tall, and slim (think of Idris Elba–the successful actor who never got to play the James Bond character)
  • Eve being white, short and curvy
  • Both of them looking skinny with no colors in my head
  • Or they just looking brown and hot

But if you’d assume with me that the is located in the southwestern region of Nigeria in Africa, then Adam is free to take anybody size, but not Eve. As the daughter of the soil in Yoruba land, she’s going to look curvy carrying a large behind that makes the Earth turn. As the land dictates, so shall beauty be defined.

To be on runway in Africa, slim girls from other part of the world would work on adding weight and not the other way round.

You’re automatically a model when you’re born fat. Catwalking wouldn’t be a thing. The sight of elephantwalking or hippowalking would be the very sight of beauty with no discrimination.

In that world, as you walk down the streets, be sure to find curvy black mannequins in tie and dye and in different designs of ankara. It’s going to be mannequins designed by the hands of reality.

Feature image credit: Photographer Julia Busato’s “Mannequin Series” 

By Elijah Christopher


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