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Weighing at 375g, Audeze asserts that these headphones are comfortable, even during lengthy listening or mixing sessions.

Audeze is a prominent brand known for its planar-magnetic headphones. Rather than the typical dynamic speaker drivers, Audeze employs a pricier method of utilizing thin sheets of material to create a preferred sound for some individuals.

Recently, Audeze unveiled their latest full-size open-back headphones, which are also their lightest and most affordable. The MM-100 headphones are an adaptation of the popular MM-500 model and promise to provide accurate, realistic sound along with comfortable wear.

Audeze’s signature 90mm planar-magnetic drivers are included in the new MM-100 headphones, a feature highly regarded by audiophiles and music professionals alike. The drivers are efficient and low-impedance, making them suitable for use with various audio sources such as Digital Audio Players or hi-fi systems.

The headphones have a recently developed structure assembled from high-quality components, such as magnesium and aluminum. The MM100 model contains ear cushions filled with gel and coated with synthetic leather. Additionally, the headband is composed of spring steel, ensuring longevity and durability, and the headphones can be flattened for more accessible storage or transport.

The planar-magnetic headphones use a 90mm diaphragm created from an incredibly thin Uniforce substance, the same as the Audeze MM-500 headphones. Fazor waveguides and Fluxor magnets are also present to produce transparent audio with negligible levels of distortion.

The Audeze MM-100 planar-magnetic headphones will become available in May and will be priced at $399.

By Elijah Christopher 


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