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Business/Tech Touch

How To Avoid Being Scammed Of Your Hard Earned Money Chasing Free Tokens: A Talk With Maximilian Varela

With innovation, comes another level of cybercrimes and internet fraud. The Internet is wide and limitless like the cosmos. And the world is filled with

Business/Tech Touch

How Does Venture Capital Work? Find Out From Olu Oyinsan

For Olu Oyinsan, the founder Oui Capital, “It’s 8 times more difficult to raise money as a VC (venture capitalist) compared to a founder.” According

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

Why Are Dwarf Mannequins Hard To Spot

Have you ever seen a dwarf mannequin or mannequins in a store? You may have or you may have never seen one with its arms

Africans Masterminding Africa

Ascent Capital Africa’s Partner Shares Investment Secrets On How To Survive In Today’s Crazy Economy

One of the partners of Ascent Capital Africa—a private equity firm in Africa, David Owino, shares investment secrets in his interview with How We Made

Business/Tech Touch

Marketforce Downsizes Over 600 Employees By 9%

Kenyan startup, Marketforce, reportedly dowsized its workforce significantly last month. Although, comparing the rate of layoffs going on globally, African tech scene is still on

Business/Tech Touch

DataProphet Raises $10 Million To Expand Artificial Intelligence Service

DataProphet, a South African AI-based startup, has completed its $10 million Series A round in order to further invest in its industrial artificial intelligence product

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

The Underdogs Of Africa’s Fashion Industry: All Thanks To Mothers And Daughters

We see the top fashion designers in the fashion industry in Africa and the amazing clothes that keep us fly. But let’s take all that

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

Why Stay Conventional When You Can Equally Go Unconventional Wearing Traditionals?

Some styles go out of fashion, while others just get reinvented. So why stick with the old fashioned way, when you can look yourself in

AWC Series

Saliha Haddad: From Listening To African Oral Literature To Becoming An Award-Winning Writer

Saliha Haddad is an Algerian assistant editor at the South African-based publishers Botsotso and a fiction editor at Hotazel Review, literary journal. As an interviewer

Business/Tech Touch

iPhone 14 Series: The New Cocaine Everbody Is Waiting For

Humans continue to evolve in different ways. And it’s quite evident in technology and the continuous drive for innovation. In the smartphone industry—estimated to hit