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UK College Board Interview: The Attire Was The Statement Of Inclusiveness And Diversity They Needed – Dr. Obi

Ifeanyi Obi, an Associate Professor of Construction in the UK, is a PhD holder in Architecture and Construction Management and a software innovator in BuildTech

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How Mom-In-Chief Is Replacing Imported Baby Foods With Local Production In Nigeria

Seun Sangoleye aka Mom-In-Chief, in place of CEO, is a social entrepreneur committed to improving childhood nutrition and impacting women’s financial inclusion positively which puts

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VC Predictions: Layoffs To Increase In The African Startup Ecosystem 2023

According to Abel Boreto, Novastar Ventures, there might be some sort of funding slowdown in scaling startups in Africa by venture capital firms this year:

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A Recap Of The Africa Bitcoin Conference 2022: The Transparent Financial System For All

Towards the end of the financial year 2022, the Africa Bitcoin Conference was held in Cape Town, South Africa in December. Choosing Cape Town for

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Going Professional With African Hair

African hair is a unique and beautiful asset that many individuals are starting to explore. Some are beginning to see their curly and coily locks

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Show Off Your Unique Sense of Fashion With African Ankara Footwear 2023

African fashion has been steadily growing in popularity across the globe. Cultural appreciation of the continent’s unique style has been noting a trend with an

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Zachariah George: “Why are you investing in Nigeria? There are no startups there!”

Zachariah George, managing partner at Launch Africa Ventures—a pan-African venture capital fund actively investing in the next generation startups on the continent, in an interview

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A Cashless Africa: Catching Up With Innovation

Cashless transactions in Africa have the potential to revolutionize financial transactions across the continent. Mobile payments are becoming increasingly common, as are new payment innovations

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The Major Limitation To Building A Successful African Metaverse

The African metaverse is in its early stages of development. It is an online 3D virtual space where its users can interact with each other,

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The Inclusion Of The Underrepresented In African Fashion

Fashion from the African continent is a vibrant and creative expression of cultural diversity. From colorful, printed fabrics and handcrafted accessories to intricate beading and