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Business/Tech Touch

Google On Digital Preservation Of Nigeria’s Last Sacred Groves

Google googled (researched) some of the historical sites in Nigeria as part of its Google Arts and Culture’s Heritage on the Edge project to discover

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

Discover 10 Creative And Personalized Bridal Styles Before The Big Day

Bridal fashion style has indeed shifted from what it used to look like. With creative and personalized bridal styles, it appears that a lot has

Africans Masterminding Africa

Eric Medji: Benin Businessman Spot Juice Money In Africa And Expansion Opportunities In Europe

Eric Medji, a Benin businessman, is the founder of fruit juice company—Othentiks. His love for the motherland and adding value is the reason we’re rolling

Business/Tech Touch

FAIS Act Clarified: Does The Act Now Makes Crypto A Legal Tender In South Africa?

According to the new FAIS (Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services) Act in South Africa, cryptocurrency assets are classified as financial products—which can be regulated. Eugene

Fashion Touch

In Remembrance Of Nigeria’s #EndSARS Protest: Tech Proved To Be A Saviour

Today marks exactly two years after the deaths at the Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos during the intense #EndSARS protest in Nigeria. It is indeed

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

Do You Dress Based On The Weather Or Mood?

For the culture, some fashion trendsetters often appear in clothes that makes you think the weather is always freezing. Regardless of what weather it is,

Africans Masterminding Africa

Wally Fry: From Selling Livestock To Becoming A Pioneer Of A Successful Vegan Business In South Africa

If Wally Fry never met Debbie who gave birth to their daughter—Tammy, a born vegetarian; maybe Fry’s—a successful plant-based food business, wouldn’t be a thing

Business/Tech Touch

The Safe Way To Buy “Reliable” Cryptocurrencies In Nigeria Despite CBN Ban

To purchase crypto, you might want to take the safe route as a Nigerian and you’ve to be really smart in this volatile global market.

Business/Tech Touch

New Dxomark Camera Test Results: Google Pixel 7 Pro Beats Apple iPhone 14 Pro Despite Upgrade

On TechTouch series today, we dived into the lens of Google Pixel 7 Pro and Apple iPhone 14 Pro and discovered which is smarter. The

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

African Designer, Danielle Bei, Launches Hand Made Ankara Brand For Kids In UK

African fashion designer and entrepreneur, Danielle Bei from Côte d’Ivoire, unveils Petitbei—a hand made Ankara brand for kids in UK and the diaspora at large,