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Africans Masterminding Africa Business/Tech Touch Lifestyle

The Asamoahs: The Couple Who Built Ghana’s First Shopping Mall

Some people in business would say you have to differentiate your business and your family. But not for Cecilia and Andrew Asamoah, they made both

Business/Tech Touch

The Largest US Bank Opens Regional Branch In Nairobi, Kenya

JP Morgan, the largest U.S. bank now has a regional branch in Nairobi, Kenya, expanding into one of Africa’s big tech hubs—Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa,

Business/Tech Touch

Is The Giant Of Africa Truly Ready For A Cashless Economy?

It’s a few days to Nigeria’s presidential election and the people of the most populous country in Africa are still finding day-to-day transactions a bit

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

Láolú Senbanjo: Revealing Africa’s Truth Through Art, Fashion, and Music

Láolú Senbanjo is a lot of things which can be summarized in one word: authenticity. The Nigerian visual artist, musician, singer/songwriter, and former human rights

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

CHECK OUT: 5 African-Inspired Hairstyles From Outside The Fall 2023 Shows

At the recently concluded New York Fashion Week’s Fall 2023, we couldn’t help but spot 5 stunning African-inspired hairstyles which might inspire your next African

Africans Masterminding Africa Business/Tech Touch

How Mishaan Ratan Is Turning Subscription-based Access To Electronics Into “Ownership”

Affordability is the power house of Rentoza—a subscription-based electronics and appliances retailing business co-founded by Mishaan Ratan in South Africa. Having looked at the market,

Business/Tech Touch

How To Solve The Delivery Business Trilemma Or Remain Stuck

Thinking of going into on-demand delivery business? Here are some of the major challenges you would (not might) face and how you can possibly combat

Business/Tech Touch

Lekan and Seye: From Working On Government Tech Projects To Creating HR Tech For SMEs

Lekan Omotoso and Seye Bandele are the face of Pade HCM, providing employee engagement solutions at affordable prices for SMEs in Africa through HR tech.

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

The Untapped Investment Opportunities In Africa’s Cotton Clothing Industry

African cotton clothing offers a major untapped opportunity for businesses looking to explore new markets and strengthen their global presence. By focusing on high-quality design,

Fashion Touch SME

Happy Valentine’s Day From ANTOA: It’s Either A Touch Of Red Or More For The Culture

It’s Valentine’s Day 🌹  ANTOA wishes you a lovely celebration across the world. Enjoy that special time together. Smell the roses, open the cards, and