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AWC Series

Announcing AWC2022 Shortlist! Rebuilding Makoko Essay Contest

With well written and brilliant ideas from entrants in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and other African countries; we are excited to announce the shortlist for

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

Movie Stars And Celebrities At The Nollywood “Palava” Premiere In Stunning Owambe Wanda Outfits (PHOTOS)

Big Nollywood names, and the cast for the new comedy movie Palava appeared really stunning in colorful “owambe wanda” outfits as themed during the movie

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

A Look Into The Refreshing Moments Of Ojude-Oba Festival And The Owambe Season 2022

Earlier this year, Ojude-Oba Festival organized by Rite Foods in Ogun State, Nigeria, was a sight of a rich cultural heritage. The event was so

Africans Masterminding Africa

Oluwasoga Oni: From A Software Developer To Providing Services To Doctors In Nigeria

On today’s edition on Africans Masterminding Africa is Oluwasoga Oni—one of cofounders of MDaaS Global which started with the importation of refurbished medical diagnostic equipment

Business/Tech Touch

South Africa: Revio Raises $1.1m To Solve Payment Failures In Emerging Markets

Led by SpeedInvest among others, Revio—a payment API company in Cape Town, South Africa; currently raised $1.1m in an oversubscribed seed funding round to solve

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

Trashion Runway: Teens Send A Message Converting Trash Into Clothes In Modern Fashion Show

In a runway event in Lagos, organized by Greenfingers Wildlife Conservation, teens catwalked in clothes made from trash that many people have never seen to

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

When December Gets Cold Go Hot In Ankara Hoodies: See 10 “Dope” African Hoodies

The weather can be freezing in December and snow does fall in some African countries just that you don’t get to see Santa Claus. But

Africans Masterminding Africa Business/Tech Touch

QShop: E-Commerce For Businesses And Customers, Quick Shopping At Your Finger Tips

Google Black Founders Fund recently invested in Nigeria’s e-commerce based startup, Qshop, for businesses to create e-commerce website in a twinkle of an eye to

Business/Tech Touch

25+ Keyboard Shortcuts You Didn’t Know About On Twitter

25+ Keyboard Shortcuts You Didn’t Know About On Twitter especially for busy moms with more than two hands working remotely to manage a Twitter business/brand

Fashion Touch Lifestyle

Owambe Season: Time To Pepper Dem!!!

Whether the wallet is fat or the bank account is screaming debit alerts, it’s the owambe season and the culture doesn’t shift or move an