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Autochek has a become the name that always rings a bell when it comes to the automotive technology industry. The startup was able to simplify the purchase of cars in Africa, car loans and repairs through a smart mobile application service.

As the company grows meeting the needs of its customers, it went on to acquire other companies in the automotive industry such as Cheki Uganda, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria.

And recently, it expanded to North Africa as it acquired KIFAL Auto in Morocco.

Last year, the budding automotive industry in Morocco was valued at $4 billion. 220,000 direct jobs were created and car sales exceeded 160,000 units. Looking at the numbers, it has been predicted that the value by 2027, is expected to reach $5.5 billion contributing to Moroccan GDP by over 20% in 2022.

Onboard with KIFAL Auto team, Autochek hopes to deliver sustainable solutions on the continent and abroad.

By Elijah Christopher



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