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Governor Nasir El-Rufai has said that Eid prayers for this weekend Muslim festival should hold in open spaces only not inside mosque..

 The governor who made this known in a media chat this Monday  warned that the prayers should not be held inside mosques because of possible spread of Covid-19.

El-Rufai further said that Muslim faithful should observe social distancing and wear face masks during the Eid prayers, adding that they should return home afterwards and to avoid large gatherings in compliance with the Covid-19 prevention protocol.

The governor further advised that people who are 50 years and above should pray at home.

El-Rufai however said that mosques will remain shut for five daily prayers because government and health workers are still studying the degree of compliance of laid down rules during Friday prayers.

He thanked religious leaders for cooperating with government by enforcing social distancing during Friday prayers, asking people to perform ablution at home and attending mosques with their prayer mats and carpets.



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