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Lesly Marange, a visionary entrepreneur from Zimbabwe, embarked on a remarkable journey in 2018 when he founded Glytime Foods.

This venture marked the beginning of a thriving business that would contribute to the local economy and revolutionize the food industry. Simultaneously, Lesly experienced significant personal milestones, as he embraced fatherhood following his marriage to Talent Marange in 2017 and prepared himself for the pursuit of an MBA.

Driven by his passion for creating innovative solutions, Lesly Marange identified a gap in the market for nutritious and convenient food products in Zimbabwe. With a deep understanding of the importance of healthy eating habits, he envisioned Glytime Foods as a company that would provide nutritious, ready-to-eat meals to consumers. Lesly’s entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his commitment to improving the health and well-being of his community, propelled him to transform his idea into a reality.

As Glytime Foods gained traction, Lesly juggled his professional success with personal growth. In 2017, he married Talent Marange, his lifelong partner and source of unwavering support. 

Their union blessed them with the joy of parenthood, as they welcomed their first child into the world. Balancing the demands of entrepreneurship with the responsibilities of fatherhood brought about a newfound sense of purpose and motivation for Lesly.

Talent and Lesly welcomes their first child, a girl, Matidaishe

Recognizing the value of continuous learning and personal development, Lesly Marange also embarked on the journey of pursuing an MBA. With the aim of enhancing his business acumen and leadership skills, he dedicated himself to rigorous academic studies while simultaneously managing the day-to-day operations of Glytime Foods. This decision showcased Lesly’s commitment to growth and his relentless pursuit of excellence.

I had an obligation to pay fees. I had an obligation to fund the family…I had an obligation to run a business…When I reflect on it now, I actually ask myself, ‘What was I thinking’, but, you know, passion sometimes drives you to do crazy things – Lesly Marange

Lesly’s remarkable ability to multitask and his unwavering determination allowed him to successfully navigate the challenges of building a business, being a loving husband and father, and pursuing higher education simultaneously.

His entrepreneurial acumen, combined with his personal milestones, has positioned Lesly Marange as an inspirational figure in Zimbabwe, serving as a beacon of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to balance their personal and professional lives.

Today, Glytime Foods stands as a testament to Lesly’s vision and dedication. It has become a trusted brand, providing nutritious meals to consumers and contributing to the economic growth of Zimbabwe. Lesly’s journey serves as a reminder that with passion, perseverance, and a commitment to personal growth, one can overcome obstacles and achieve extraordinary success in multiple aspects of life.

By Elijah Christopher 



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