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The Balenciaga x Mercedes face shield by Demna Gvasalia manufactured in recent months is definitely not for everyday life or for regular people.

It’s something the rich African celebrity entertainers can afford most especially afrobeat global stars but we’re yet to see that becoming a trend—not even in music videos yet.

African celebrities promote African fashion as much as they do with the LVs, Versace, Gucci, and all the high fashion brands you can add to the list. But no one is yet to be flauting his or her new Balenciaga face shield. Why?

Although the brand new Mercedes-AMG F1 x Balenciaga face shield is haute couture heading to the peak.

The price for a Balenciaga face shield is not the average person except you’re stupid enough to save over $5000 just to show off and try to eat with it too 😎

The face shield is made of ink-tinted coated polyurethane, and available exclusively at the Balenciaga Couture Store in Paris (France), where all inquiries are made by appointment only.

If AI (artificial intelligence) will dominate the world in the future, the face shield robot-like look is just the beginning.

According to Balenciaga:

“It is engineered to optimize air flow, improve performance metrics, and ensure a stabilized CO2 intake, while considering the effect of temperature for fogging.”


I love the word “couture” and its cool pronunciation 🙂 see AmE dictionary 

Couture: /kuːˈtjʊə/

“The design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements.”

“Designer ready-to-wear has taken over from couture as the focus of interest.”


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By Elijah Christopher



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