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Bamboo—a Nigerian fintech startup, now operates in Ghana to enable and encourage average Africans to invest in large companies on the continent and abroad.

Bamboo started the year 2022 with a big raise of $15 million Series A. The startup kept its word to expand to other African countries as we have seen with its expansion to Ghana. It plans to expand to East Africa and South Africa respectively.

The fintech startup’s mission is to see that the average African grows financially providing reliable and easy access to investment in stocks from global companies. One can invest with as little as $10.

According to Richmond Bassey, co-founder and CEO of Bamboo:

“We believe strongly that all Africans should earn a return on their investments and build intergenerational wealth. That’s why we created Bamboo: we wanted to create an easy and secure way for everyday Africans to invest in the U.S. stock market, and eventually, in all types of asset classes.”

So far, over 50,000 people on the waiting list.

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By Elijah Christopher


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