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In this era when the war against gender related violence is gathering momentum in Nigeria, It seems Actor, TV host and Big Brother Africa 5 winner, Uti Nwachukwu cannot wait but respond promptly to serious allegations levelled against him few days ago. He has recently been accused of rape by a lady identified as Kambili Korie who also alleged that Uti is bisexual.

Both rape and sodomy are serious offences in Nigeria.

Kambili Korie took to her page recently to narrate her alleged rape experience with former Big Brother Africa winner, Uti Nwachukwu, three years back.

From Kambili’s tweets, Uti had illegal carnal knowledge of her in 2017. She equally alleged that he is bisexual and treats his males partners more respectfully even though he’s  actively more into females.

She equally pointed out that Uti  carefully acted in ways that will eliminate concrete evidences as he ensured that  he never contacted her with his regular phone number.

In a consolidated response, Big Brother Africa winner Uti Nwachukwu  has declared his availability for police investigations and is legal taking  against rape accusation on social media

He took to his official Instagram account, to post documents of the legal steps he has taken to clear his name

The message said, “I have today, June 5th 2020 filed a petition to the Inspector General of Police, demanding a full-scale investigation.

“I don’t even know where to begin this from, or what words to use Because I’m angry, hurt and utterly disgusted; but these are feelings I’m now too afraid to express without being attacked for.

“I’m appalled that blogs now resort to reporting allegations made anonymously online, without according people the respect of a proper investigation. •

“How do I defend myself against someone I can neither identify, nor address and still remain calm. •

“As A STRONG ADVOCATE AGAINST RAPE, my immediate response is always to listen to the victim and let their voice be heard because too many have been forced into silence.

“But what I never considered, and perhaps now I should, was how to do this if you’re the accused; and that’s where I find myself now. •

“My position on rape REMAINS THE SAME, that it is a violent human rights scourge that no human being must ever suffer. •

“And for this very reason, I refuse to be a part of anyone setting women’s voices back when they’re finally finding the courage to speak and are slowly being heard.

“Which is why I’m dedicating myself to getting to the bottom of this, by pursuing these allegations to THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW; and I expect my accuser to do the same.

“Although I’m hurt, I recognize that this is bigger than me.

“My innocence when proven will hopefully deter others from destroying the many years of advocacy towards ending rape in our society.



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