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In the past  four days, BBNaija Pepper Dem house mates have been on a reunion show. As much as the main reality show was interesting, the reunion show ha, since its commencement captivated the hearts of viewers and fans  reality stars.

 The fourth episode of the Pepper Dem reunion was held this Tuesday (today), with disloyalty and betrayals as the benchmark for the latest episode of the Pepper Dem  show.

 The show featured housemates who Ebuka, the anchor, revealed had been involved in one pretentious or disloyal move while in the house.

Interestingly, Ike, Mercy, Venita, Ella, Jackye, and Kim Oprah all had issues to tackle.

 Mercy and Ella’s friendship was threatened by Ella’s advances towards Ike. Ike on the other hand admitted to being a play boy on the show.Though he connected with Ella outside the house but soon realized her

tendency to become too emotional, so he calculated his way to staying ahead of the game.

On the other hand, Khafi was accused of being the queen of side talks by Jackye because of her conversation about Mercy’s body job, but Kimblamed Jackye for creating an the tendency for Khafi to speak ill of a

fellow housemate.

 Venita on her part, accused Ella of defrauding the public and fellow housemates through the contributions she collected to go treat her

mother, whom she lied about her health. Kim, Sir Dee, and Diane took turns to share how Ella’s silence upon receiving the funds caused

raised eyebrows especially as Venita revealed that the very next day, Ella posted pictures and a video of a live band performance. Ella, being an emotional person, explained that her silence was due to the negative reaction by her family following her request for financial assistance, and walked out in tears. recorded that the show headliner, Ebuka, shared some lessons about pretence before bringing the show to an end



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