BOLT Launches Women-Only Rides: An Irrational Move?

BOLT Launches Women-Only Rides: An Irrational move?

Bolt, one of the leading ride-hailing platform besides Uber recently launched a women-only service which says women by women as in female passengers can request rides from female drivers for the fear of being harassed by the opposite sex.

The women-only category is a no-go-area for men (of course any male including an 18-year-old boy). Prior to this development, both Bolt and Uber boast of over 1500 female drivers patronized equally by any gender.

The newly launched women-only service came as a result of harassment issues and violence from men. So here’s what the ride-hailing platform may be irrationally saying — WOMEN DON’T HARASS WOMEN!

While Bolt is yet to receive rising cases of women harassing women as well as women harassing men, the price tag which was somewhat meant to be the same with the main service is now constantly harassing only women.

Women in Kenya are on top of their voices due to the increase in price calling it “sexist”. They are paying higher for the same distance. Funny enough, the option is still open for women to request rides from the opposite sex if they don’t mind.

It’s Bolt and women drivers world. It’s the winning team whether or not prices go male or female, the profit-destination remains the same.

Plus, women drivers may or will not be penalized for canceling a booked trip by a male passenger to make some extra bucks. And according to Bolt, the price was “slightly” increased because it’s part of its pricing model when there are more customers requesting rides with limited drivers available online.

By Elijah Christopher

Elijah Christopher
Elijah Christopher is a journalist at A New Touch Of Africa, is also a creative writer, a poet, and an IT enthusiast. He contributed to the collaborative poem written in celebration of Edwin Morgan Centenary, the first Glasgow poet laureate and Scottish national poet from the University of Glasgow. He loves meeting people and learning about new places, cultures, events, and lifestyles.
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