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The South African business coach’s dream was to change the world. And the dream never changed, although he dropped some ideas, improved, and picked up new ones.

In 2015, Bubu Buna cofounded Jobox—a social startup built to solve a social problem. The original idea was to partner with universities to connect students to companies looking to hire freelancers, full- or part-time employees.

Bubu is an adventurous guy. Before Jobox, he left his childhood hometown of Barberton in South Africa’s Mpumalanga Province in 2012 to study construction management at the University of Pretoria.

Well, he turned out to hate the idea of going or being in a class to study. He concluded he wouldn’t be able to change the world taking the construction path.

“I didn’t know how I was going to change the world building buildings,” —Bubu Buna

Growing up, Bubu’s idol was Steve Jobs. And that changed too. He grew a strong like for former President of the United States, Barack Obama, after reading his memoir: Dreams from My Father.

When Bubu thinks, action follows. In his second year at the prestigious University of Pretoria, he dropped construction management for law.

While Bubu Buna was on this journey to change the world, the South African business coach was really unveiling the man he was going to become layer by layer. He didn’t find law an interesting place either. He didn’t dropped it. He closed his eyes and graduated successfully.

The only thing that never changed but improved was his crazy passion to make impact in the world no matter what comes his way. After school, Bubu learnt about a management and consulting firm, McKinsey & Company. The firm helped companies to solve problems and grow. And that idea lit Bubu’s eyes. That was it. And Jobox was born in 2015.

Mission possible or impossible, Bubu Buna was ready to help solve problems and save the world in his own way. The mission was to boost employment in South Africa.

Life laughs when we make plans right? Three years later, Jobox was shutdown. 

It was difficult to continue. He sort a job to survive. He got a job at IQbusiness. A year later he resigned to work with Akro Accelerate. He confessed it was a “life-changing” experience.

Bubu Buna continues to add value wherever he went. One thing was constant: change and help people succeed. And that in itself is Bubu Buna changing the world.

Now in his late 20’s, Bubu is a business coach helping startup on how to raise funds and hire talent among other things.

Jobox never really went down the drain. He and his co-founders, hope to hand it over someday.

“I may not be the person to plant a seed, but if I’m the person that has ploughed the field and gotten it ready for the people that are going to plant the seeds, and the seeds are going to be the people that grow, I am at peace with that.”


By Elijah Christopher





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