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The death of the President of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza, has been
announced on Tuesday, June 8th following a confirmation from the
country’s government. According to BBC News, the Burundi government
confirmed Nkurunziza died of cardiac arrest after a brief ill-feeling.
He was said to have been taken to a hospital at  the Fiftieth
Anniversary Hospital in Karuzi for quick attention and treatment on
Saturday night. By Sunday, he had improved but lost his life as a
result of cardiac arrest by Monday. All efforts at reviving him proved
The Burundian government stated thus, “Immediate resuscitation was
undertaken by a multidisciplinary team of doctors for several hours
with cardio-respiratory assistance,  but the medical team was unable
to recover the patient”.

The longtime outgoing president (2005-2020) stepped down from
contesting the May 20th elections after spending 15 years in power.
Though his third term bid plunged the country into chaos, with
thousands of people dying in a failed coup attempt clash, he was set
to hand over power in August to a successfully elected president.



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