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“The Largest Private Hospitas In Nigeria Have 250 Beds At Most” – Femi Ogunjimi

The popular saying “health is wealth but wealth is not wealth” remains true, and providing a quality healthcare system in any given country is the

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Chanel Métiers d’Art Show: Dakar Poised To Become A Global Creative Hub

Chanel Métiers d’Art show organized last month in Dakar, Senegal, by Chanel was the very first on the continent. It was a grand display of

Africans Masterminding Africa Business/Tech Touch

How Mom-In-Chief Is Replacing Imported Baby Foods With Local Production In Nigeria

Seun Sangoleye aka Mom-In-Chief, in place of CEO, is a social entrepreneur committed to improving childhood nutrition and impacting women’s financial inclusion positively which puts

Africans Masterminding Africa Business/Tech Touch

Zachariah George: “Why are you investing in Nigeria? There are no startups there!”

Zachariah George, managing partner at Launch Africa Ventures—a pan-African venture capital fund actively investing in the next generation startups on the continent, in an interview

Africans Masterminding Africa Business/Tech Touch

ZambiaFresh: Reducing Agricultural Losses With Cold Storage Facilities In Zambia

In Zambia, farmers of fruits and vegetables without a cold storage facility are always on the losing side. It’s quite sad for the farmers. To

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Oluwasoga Oni: From A Software Developer To Providing Services To Doctors In Nigeria

On today’s edition on Africans Masterminding Africa is Oluwasoga Oni—one of cofounders of MDaaS Global which started with the importation of refurbished medical diagnostic equipment

Africans Masterminding Africa Business/Tech Touch

QShop: E-Commerce For Businesses And Customers, Quick Shopping At Your Finger Tips

Google Black Founders Fund recently invested in Nigeria’s e-commerce based startup, Qshop, for businesses to create e-commerce website in a twinkle of an eye to

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Chinezi Chijioke: Nova Pioneer Building The Next African Generation

When a teacher asks her/his students the popular question: what would you like to be when you grow up? You would agree that not many

Africans Masterminding Africa Business/Tech Touch

Farouk Kadous On Building A Restaurant For The Masses Rather Than The Affluent

Farouk Kadous an Egyptian restauranteur started his entrepreneurial journey working for his father’s and mother’s family companies—export-oriented textile factories, and a multinational energy products and

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Eric Medji: Benin Businessman Spot Juice Money In Africa And Expansion Opportunities In Europe

Eric Medji, a Benin businessman, is the founder of fruit juice company—Othentiks. His love for the motherland and adding value is the reason we’re rolling