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Unlocking Rwanda’s Agricultural Potential: Seun Rasheed’s Success Story With SOUK Farms

Seun Rasheed, the visionary founder and CEO of SOUK Farms, has recognized Rwanda’s unique strengths in cultivating and exporting crops such as avocados, chillis, and

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Armando Cabral: The Footwear Visionary

Formerly a prominent figure on global catwalks, Armando Cabral, who once walked for esteemed brands like Dior, Calvin Klein, and Gucci, has now shifted gears

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Investors Recognize The Soaring Demand For Data Centers In Africa

In recent years, Africa has witnessed a remarkable surge in digital transformation and technological advancements. With the continent’s increasing internet penetration, burgeoning population, and expanding

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Africa’s Green Revolution: Exploring The Surge In Natural Gas Vehicles

In recent years, natural gas-powered vehicles have gained significant traction and popularity across Africa, driven by a combination of supportive policies, infrastructure development, and heightened

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Kidus Asfaw: Pioneering Sustainable Construction With Recycled Plastic

Kidus Asfaw, the visionary CEO and co-founder of Kubik, has spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative that addresses two pressing global challenges: plastic waste pollution and affordable

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Vote For Your Favorite Contender: MISS ANTOA 2023 Shines The Spotlight On African Beauty

A New Touch Of Africa, a renowned fashion brand dedicated to promoting African culture and style, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated finalists of

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Unlocking The Value And Potential Of African Art: Trends, Collectors, And The Digital Revolution

The African fine art market is experiencing increased visibility as a result of growing demand from both international and local collectors. The Africa Wealth Report

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Zuri: Empowering Communities And Celebrating African Beauty In The Hair Business

Gisèla van Houcke, the visionary founder of beauty company Zuri, has made a significant impact in the hair business within Africa. Her journey began with

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The Tsunami Investments In Africa’s Islands

In recent years, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Seychelles, and Cape Verde have emerged as attractive investment destinations, witnessing heavy investments from both wealthy Africans and foreign investors.

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Ibrahim Sagna: Investing Big In Africa’s Sports “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day”

The chairman of Silverbacks Holdings, Ibrahim Sagna—pronounced as San Ya, in a recent interview with How We Made It In Africa talked about investing big