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Mouahié Kouassi: Empowering Communities And Promoting Sustainability In Côte d’Ivoire

Mouahié Kouassi is a young entrepreneur and the founder of Agrikraft, a thriving cosmetics business in Côte d’Ivoire that specializes in the production of shea

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DigsConnect: A Rollicking Journey From Ramshackle Roofs To Rooftop Success In South Africa

Ah, student life—a delightful blend of late-night cramming sessions, questionable dining choices, and the eternal quest for affordable housing. In the “age-old” battle against dilapidated

Africans Masterminding Africa

How Dangote’s Refinery Could Change the Dynamics of Africa’s Oil Industry

Aliko Dangote, a Nigerian billionaire and Africa’s richest man, recently launched the continent’s largest oil refinery, located in Lagos, Nigeria. The refinery, with a capacity

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Meet Frazer Handondo: The Entrepreneur Behind Forest Africa Zambia’s Success

When it comes to AMA series (Africans Masterminding Africa), Handondo is big on our list looking at his impact in Zambia. Frazer Handondo is a

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Bako Dangombe: The Man Behind Afrivana’s Successful Importation of Nigerian Hibiscus Flowers Into The US

35-year-old Shalom Bako Dangombe from northern Nigeria, Bauchi, spends his day encouraging farmers to grow hibiscus flowers. When you put “hibiscus” and “Nigeria” in one

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Burundi Fortified Foods: How A Local Entrepreneur Is Revolutionizing The Agribusiness Industry In East Africa

Claude Nikondeha’s Burundi Fortified Foods is a shining example of how a local entrepreneur can overcome supply chain challenges and distribution obstacles to create a

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Wazi Vision: The Eyewear Made By Africans For Africans

From recycled plastic using VR (Virtual Reality) eye-testing tech to make affordable health care glasses, Brenda and Geogette are fixing eye issues in Uganda. In

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How Sulley Amin Ditched Law School To Build An Award-Winning Renewable Energy Company

Not all college dropouts turned into instant success as they fearlessly ventured out with nothing but an idea. Some are still on their journey hoping

Africans Masterminding Africa Business/Tech Touch

The Siblings Who Bet On Themselves To Penetrate Egypt’s Biggest Fruit Market

Siblings can be co-founders too. The Emaras—Farah and Omar Emara bet on themselves to seize an opportunity in Egypt’s fruit and vegetable market. And guess

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How Joshephine Okot Founded Victoria Seeds In Uganda

Josephine Okot, the founder of Victoria Seeds, once said: “Everyone said I was out of my mind. They said business is a male-dominated area and