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Africans Masterminding Africa AWC Series

Fighting Coastal Challenges With Systems Approach for Port Development in West Africa

Due to the challenges faced by coastal communities in West Africa as a result of flooding and erosion negatively affecting the ecosystem and livelihoods, the

Africans Masterminding Africa AWC Series

‘BOSUN TIJANI: Laying The Bricks For Sustainable Developments in Africa Through STEM

Olatunbosun Tijani better known as ‘Bosun Tijani, is the founder of Co-Creation Hub popularly known as CcHub, where all young African talents with passion for

Africans Masterminding Africa AWC Series

FREDDIE KANOUTE: The Pathfinder For Young Aspiring Footballers

There are thousands of young African footballers whose dreams have been balled into a goal of fraud by shady agents. So many have cried out

Africans Masterminding Africa AWC Series

ZAHRA’ LANGHI: The Fight Against Political Factions of Libya

Zahra’ Langhi has been on the forefront in Libya, united with a group of like-minded women demanding transparency in governance and commitment to ensuring a

Africans Masterminding Africa AWC Series

TOLUSE DOVE FRANCIS: A Talk With The Mentalist

Toluse Dove Francis is the author of Beyond Blue and the founder of Reuel Consulting Ltd offering services such as research, therapy, training and coaching.

Africans Masterminding Africa

PATRICE MOTSEPE: “African team must win World Cup”

The owner of South African football team Mamelodi Sundowns F.C. and the current president of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Patrice Motsepe , is

Africans Masterminding Africa

COMFORT MUSSA: “If Handwashing Was The Only Solution, Would Africa Beat COVID?”

Comfort Mussa is an award-winning Cameroonian journalist, and founder of Sisterspeak237. She’s been on the front-line in Cameroon fighting for social justice, women’s rights, and

Africans Masterminding Africa AWC Series

The Rise Of The Giant Eagles And Where To Find Them

Surrounded by houses, palm trees, a small LPG refilling station, and a community church is a 5-a-side football pitch where Mr. Gideon John coaches young

Africans Masterminding Africa AWC Series

KAYODE ALABI: The Hand Sketching African Whiz Kids for the Future.

Hammed Kayode Alabi is a recognized African social entrepreneur from Nigeria, and a former regional manager at Peace First Organization. As a regional manager for