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Klick Africa: The One-Stop Online Marketplace For Mothers In Africa

Klick Africa, a revolutionary online marketplace, is poised to become the go-to destination for mothers in Africa. With a vision to provide a one-stop shop

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PHANTOM V Flip 5G: Where Fashion And Tech Meet

For those deeply engrossed in the world of fashion, the pursuit of the ideal accessory to harmonize with your smartphone can be a formidable endeavor.

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I’ve Been Yelling About AI For A Long Time – Gebru

Born and raised in Ethiopia, Timnit Gebru’s career in AI began after completing her studies in electrical engineering at Stanford, where she also obtained a

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Your Guide To Top 5 Must-Attend Tech Events In Lagos 2023

Lagos, Nigeria, will be the epicenter of an exciting array of tech events spanning from October to December 2023. Regardless of whether you identify as

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E-Waste Warriors: How AppCyclers Battles Pollution In Africa

AppCyclers is on a mission to combat the issue of electronic waste pollution that plagues Africa. The continent often sees electronic devices discarded rather than

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Can You Keep Up With Elon Musk’s Twitter/X Demands? Elon Suggests Monthly Subscription

Paying for a bluetick started like a joke until users started paying to get verified on X (formerly called Twitter). Verified or not, Elon Musk

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Kalafhi Medical Center: A Botswana Success Story Of Growth And Innovation In Healthcare

Matlhogonolo Mongwa-Mouwane’s journey from a medical student to the founder of Kalafhi Medical Center in Botswana is a remarkable tale of determination and strategic growth.

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Nigerian Web3 Startup Secures $1.9 Million To Advance Digital Wallet, “Onboard”

In February 2021, Nestcoin was established with a mission to develop, invest in, and operate web3 and non-custodial products catering to customers in emerging markets

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Navigating the Future: AfIGF 2023’s Impact On Internet Governance In Africa

Nigeria is gearing up to host the 2023 Africa Internet Governance Forum (AfIGF 2023), where it will welcome delegates from 54 African nations and various

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Uber Electric Boda: A Game-Changer For Affordable Transportation In Nairobi

In a bid to revolutionize transportation in Kenya, Uber has entered the electric bike arena with the launch of Electric Boda, a fleet of electric