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Why Elon Musk And Others Think AI Should Take A Six Month Break

In an open letter signed by Elon Musk, the co-founder of about six companies including electric car maker Tesla, rocket producer SpaceX and parent company

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Will African Countries Join Russia And China To Ditch Dollar For International Trades

Last week according to Fareed Zakaria for Washington Post after the three-day summit between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, the almighty dollar frequently used for

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The Siblings Who Bet On Themselves To Penetrate Egypt’s Biggest Fruit Market

Siblings can be co-founders too. The Emaras—Farah and Omar Emara bet on themselves to seize an opportunity in Egypt’s fruit and vegetable market. And guess

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Would Facebook Block News Content To South Africans As Seen In Australia?

How did tech giants Facebook and Google react when Australia in February 2021 passed a law aimed at making Facebook and Google pay for news

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How Nigerian Youths Impacted Nigeria’s 2023 Elections Using Social Media

Social media is evidently a significant part of Nigeria’s political atmosphere. As internet access and the usage of smartphones proliferate, the impact of social media

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How Joshephine Okot Founded Victoria Seeds In Uganda

Josephine Okot, the founder of Victoria Seeds, once said: “Everyone said I was out of my mind. They said business is a male-dominated area and

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What To Expect When Pitching To Foreign Investors In Q2 2023

How to pitch to investors locally and most importantly foreign investors who can pump millions of hard currencies to see where it takes your idea

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Nigeria Supports Youth With $672 Million Tech Fund As Silicon Valley Bank Falls

As Silicon Valley Bank crumbles after being one of the major startup-focused lenders supporting startups in Nigeria, the Nigerian government swiftly launched a $672 million

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Free Tech Classes To Reach Communities In Uganda In Solar-Powered Truck

DigiTruck, a solar-powered classroom on wheels by Huawei and Belgian NGO Close the Gap, rides to under-served communities in Uganda. Their journey to bring digital

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Aurore Mugisha: Encouraging Girls To Pursue STEM Careers: Science. Tech. Engineering. Maths.

From Burundi, Aurore Mugisha, a civil engineer, and a guest writer for World Bank blogs encourages young girls to pursue their passions and talents in