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The New Communities WhatsApp Feature And What To Expect

WhatsApp—a product from Meta—finally launched its own Communities feature which offers a larger and more structured discussion groups. While everybody is excited about it, this

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European Parliament New Law The Reason For iPhone Lightning Charging Ports Switch To USB-C

The new law by the  European Parliament requires electronic devices sold in the European Union (EU) to use USB-C charging ports by 2024. Beyond that,

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Google On Digital Preservation Of Nigeria’s Last Sacred Groves

Google googled (researched) some of the historical sites in Nigeria as part of its Google Arts and Culture’s Heritage on the Edge project to discover

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FAIS Act Clarified: Does The Act Now Makes Crypto A Legal Tender In South Africa?

According to the new FAIS (Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services) Act in South Africa, cryptocurrency assets are classified as financial products—which can be regulated. Eugene

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The Safe Way To Buy “Reliable” Cryptocurrencies In Nigeria Despite CBN Ban

To purchase crypto, you might want to take the safe route as a Nigerian and you’ve to be really smart in this volatile global market.

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New Dxomark Camera Test Results: Google Pixel 7 Pro Beats Apple iPhone 14 Pro Despite Upgrade

On TechTouch series today, we dived into the lens of Google Pixel 7 Pro and Apple iPhone 14 Pro and discovered which is smarter. The

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DigiSchools Bridging Digital Gap In Africa

It’s 21st century and there’s a child who has never touched a computer. In every part of the world, there’s a child like that. He

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African Entrepreneurs On The Rise Despite Limitations Surrounding Internet Connectivity

Word on antoa’s street—TechTouch—is that 81% of surveyed top executives at venture capital and private equity companies believe that there would be a huge entrepreneurial

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Grindstone And Naspers Provide Exclusive Accelerator For SMEs Led By South African Women

The funding landscape in Africa is gradually becoming more inclusive. It is a fact that women receive less funding from venture capitalists when compared to

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Bamboo Fintech Expands In West Africa With High Hopes To Launch In East And South Africa

Bamboo—a Nigerian fintech startup, now operates in Ghana to enable and encourage average Africans to invest in large companies on the continent and abroad. Bamboo