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When a teacher asks her/his students the popular question: what would you like to be when you grow up?

You would agree that not many wants to become a teacher. Chinezi Chijioke, the cofounder of Nova Pioneer happens to be one of the rare ones.

There’s always that unique story of an African child who is flown abroad for greater opportunities. Chinezi is also one of them too. At 11, his parents relocated to the United States from Nigeria. Chinezi Chijioke is truly one of the rare ones on Africans Masterminding Africa series.

Little Chinezi developed passion for teaching during his middle-school years. The young visionary made up his mind that he would one day become part of a team that would build quality education institutions on the African continent.

 I did not know whether that would be in a school, a university, or even afterschool clubs, but I knew it was what I wanted to do—Chinezi Chijioke 

Did he become a teacher?

Yes he did as well as becoming an education consultant for McKinsey. In 2013, he cofounded what would become a pan-African private school network called Nova Pioneer in South Africa and Kenya—preparing the next generation of leaders and innovators through world-class teaching methods with an emphasis on 21st century skills.

Nova Pioneer In Pictures

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By Elijah Christopher 


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