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Morocco will further loosen lockdown measures for the services sector and domestic transport starting June 24, the government said on Sunday.

Cafes, restaurants, sports clubs, and other services and entertainment businesses will be able to resume activity at half capacity except in the provinces of Tangier, Larache, Marrakech and Kenitra, where infections remain higher, it said.

Domestic travel will resume including flights and railways, it said. International passenger traffic remains suspended.

Mosques have been closed since the lockdown started on March 20 and the state of emergency has been extended to July 10. Schools will only reopen in September.

Most coronavirus cases registered recently were in industrial or among extended families, with 457 cases on Friday, the largest single-day rise in cases, in a cluster linked to fruit packaging plants north of Rabat, where a field hospital was set up.

Morocco has grouped COVID-19 patients in two hospitals near Casablanca and near Marrakech to free capacity at other hospitals.

Currently, Morocco has recorded 9,957 cases of COVID 19,, including 213 deaths and 8,249 recoveries.




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