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There are reports that theatres across the globe are also closing shop. The following is a list of some renowned theatres  affected so far:

-Cinemark  closed all 345 of its theaters on March 18.

-AMC Theatres are closed have been closed since March 17.

-Cineworld and Odeon have closed all of their UK and Ireland theaters “until further notice.”

-Alamo Drafthouse has closed all of its corporate-owned sites and all but one franchised-owned location (in Winchester, WV.

-Cineplex Odeon has closed all 165 of its locations .

-Landmark Theatres closed all 49 of its theaters in 27 markets as of March 16 at midnight.

-Regal Cinemas is shutting down all U.S. locations starting March 17 until further notice.

-All cinemas in China, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Iran, Poland, India, Lebanon, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Nigeria, senegal, Kuwait, South Africa, Egypt, Ghana and many other African countries are closed.

-Palace Cinemas is shutting its 20 venues on March 19 until further notice.

-American Cinematheque has suspended all screenings and public events at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood and the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica.



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