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Premier League bosses are in talks to get fans back in the stands with a revolutionary sterilisation tunnel that kills coronavirus as people enter the turnstile.

The ShieldMe device looks like an airport scanner with a pressure pad on the floor that triggers jets of natural disinfectant that zaps Covid-19 away in seconds.

Global distributor Trimite is also in discussion with the Football League and believes if supporters don a mask the twin technologies can beat the lockdown.

It could get the hospitality industry back on its feet as well as theme parks and other sporting grounds.

Chairman David Roberts, who has been in talks with a number of major venues, told The Sun: “You walk through the tunnel and at the end you know you are 100 per cent sanitised.

“The spray is neutral and kills coronavirus dead. It means everyone who enters a stadium knows that they don’t have coronavirus on them and nor does anyone else.

“If everyone is wearing a mask too it means the few that might have the virus aren’t going to spread it either.”

The tunnels are approved by American FDA regulators and have the EU CE mark meaning they are ready to roll out.

Trimite has already installed one at top end wheel factory Rimstock in West Bromwich, which makes parts for designer cars including Aston Martins and McLaren.

It uses hypochlorous acid – nature’s oldest disinfectant, which is naturally produced by humans – which kills the virus on all surfaces.

It means the device is totally safe and the only risk from coronavirus is if someone carrying the disease breathes on you – but social distancing and a mask can limit the risk.

Mr Roberts said: “We’ve got a single tunnel in operation at Rimstock but there’s also one developed that is three-men wide.

“It means it easily solves the problem of fans queuing to get in. It’s already in place at bus stops, train stations, shops and businesses around the world.”




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