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We all can testify to the fact that women in general love to accessorize. Well the African female is no different and whatever her style is, she loves to complete her outfit with the perfect accessory. Accessories don’t only complete the look, but they also allow a woman to express who she is.

The perfect go to accessory in any African woman’s armory is the Gele. Gele is the Yoruba name for a female head wrap. The Gele is not just any head wrap, but it is a carefully constructed, artistically crafted head piece that African women have been wearing for centuries. When preparing for a special occasion or event, the Gele is the last piece of the puzzle, the crown of glory, a very important and coveted accessory to a woman’s ensemble.

Geles can be made from various materials like Aso Oke, Ankara, Damask, Sego, etc., and require plenty of skill and practice to master. Despite the fact that learning to tie a Gele can be a very cumbersome task, it allows women to express their own individuality and creativity! But for those women who would rather have their Gele tied by a professional craftsman, there are 2 options. Number 1 is to ferociously search the web for a gele specialist, or save yourself the hassle and contact EA Makeup. Number 2, purchase an autogele from A New Touch of Africa. An autogele is a pre-tied gele, created by some very intuitive Nigerians, to help make the Gele tying process stress free.

Check out these exquisite examples of some unique Gele styles, called Avant Garde Geles, tied by the CEO of EA Makeup:






  • Okhiria Emmanuel Omoh Jnr., March 18, 2019 @ 12:15 pm Reply

    The magazine is catchy and aesthetic!

    • anewtouchofafrica, March 19, 2019 @ 4:34 am Reply

      Thank you!

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