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DataProphet, a South African AI-based startup, has completed its $10 million Series A round in order to further invest in its industrial artificial intelligence product set.

The startup was founded by Frans Cronje and Daniel Schwartzkopff founded in 2017 to provide AI-as-a-service software in the manufacturing space.

One of the startup’s product set is called CONNECT. It is designed to augment data infrastructure and transfer data from where it has been used for compliance to where it can be used for optimization.

Cronje explained that DataProphet is used by manufacturers at various stages of their digitization journeys. Hence, data collection and centralization are essential to getting them started.

According to the founders, the platform currently receives approximately 100 million unique data points daily.

In raising $10 million to expand their services led by Knife Capital, IDC and Norican were part of investors. 

DataProphet clientele covers the automotive sector, semiconductor, rubber, and foundry industries, expanding its solution to plants in Europe, United States, China, India, Japan, and South America.

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By Elijah Christopher 



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