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Diarra Boussou is the Founder & Chief Creative Mathematician at Diarrablu–a brand fusion of mathematics and fashion design. 

Diarra is one of those shifting the continent towards the light at the end of the tunnel through her creative brand. Diarrablu employs the usage graphs and geometric transformations to create iconic prints. 

It’s totally unique and one would wonder what brought about this idea. This is because Diarra Boussou is exceptionally good at mathematics and she saw how it could blended with fashion.

I love and hate mathematics. It’s feels good to just write about it. But honestly writing is mathematics in itself. You can’t escape critical thinking and a level of word count and paragraph calculations.

Diarrablu has an amazing technique in design production. This is how the fusion works:

  • First, what is needed by the customer is noted
  • Secondly, an algorithm will then generate thousands not hundred, thousands of print iterations
  • It will only produce what’s needed by the customer (base on polling and engagement prior to production)

This smart mathematical process reduces textile waste compared to traditional process by 60%.

Amazing isn’t it? 🙂

We had to get Diarra Boussou on our list of Africans masterminding Africa.

Beyond the mathematical process, creativity isn’t left out. The Diarrablu brand is also known for its colorful prints and unique style.

When the pandemic hits two years ago, it couldn’t stop the brand from hitting 10,000 customers in 40 countries and upping their revenue by 900% with majority of its products in Dakar, Senegal.

Here’s one quote that always hit us on different level:

“At the end, reality is just a support for our dreams to stand” – Diarra Bousso

Diarra Boussou has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, and New York Times to mention but a few.

By Elijah Christopher 


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