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For the culture, some fashion trendsetters often appear in clothes that makes you think the weather is always freezing.

Regardless of what weather it is, we love to dress really cool and attractive. Fashion goes beyond what people want to wear on a daily.

When you look at the runways, you don’t usually find models wearing regular clothes. It’s creative and fascinating; it’s art catwalking. 

Isn’t it also interesting to see that many fashion designers don’t really wear the craziest outfits. It’s like they grow allergic to what they create as soon as they are done designing. You may never catch them following the trend.

Have you seen how designer Rick Owen dresses? He’s such a minimalist. He is a minimalist.

So what really inspires how you dress? 

We’d love to know. Tell us 🙂 leave a comment.

By Elijah Christopher


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