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Are you thinking of the your next vacation. Abode Exotic travels has got you covered. Ever thought of exploring a beautiful location around the world, Africa is a place to explore because it’s a continent that has been touched by cultures around the world. Africa is a continent where you will have priceless experiences.


This resort is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nigeria. Nigeria is one of the more popular nations to visit, among the 54 countries on the continent of Africa. The Obudu Mountain Resort was formerly known as Obudu cattle Ranch and it is located in Cross River State in Nigeria. This resort is close to the Cameroonian border in the north-eastern part of Cross River State.
The climate in Obudu Mountain Resort is a semi temperature mountain climate, which is the general weather condition experienced on the Obudu plateau due to its 1,600 meters elevation.
This resort has a very beautiful and attractive landscape. The resort has a calming ambience and is opened all year round, but the perfect period to visit is between October and February.


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