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AppCyclers is on a mission to combat the issue of electronic waste pollution that plagues Africa.

The continent often sees electronic devices discarded rather than recycled, resulting in the accumulation of toxic metals in landfills, which in turn leads to air pollution and soil and groundwater contamination.

Based in Ghana, AppCyclers has devised an innovative solution by creating an online marketplace. This platform enables both individuals and businesses to buy and sell recyclable electronic waste. 

Their core objective revolves around maximizing the reuse and recycling of electronic materials. However, the company’s approach extends beyond the digital realm due to the lack of local recycling infrastructure.

CEO Agudor Agabas acknowledges this challenge and emphasizes their hands-on involvement in waste collection. While AppCyclers plans to expand its marketplace across Africa, it also has plans to invest in new recycling infrastructure within Ghana.

Team Lead, Agudor Agabas (Left)

To fund these initiatives, AppCyclers is actively seeking pre-seed funding in the range of $100,000 to $250,000. They have already secured $20,000 through a combination of bootstrapping, grants, and pitch competitions.

In addition to their marketplace, AppCyclers is engaged in recycling education and the development of e-waste stripping machines. These machines facilitate the separation of valuable materials like copper and gold from less valuable components, eliminating the harmful practice of burning insulating materials.

Furthermore, the company is working on an AI model that can assess the value of e-waste through photographs. This innovative approach will automate the pricing of waste items, ensuring a seamless experience for users on their platform. AppCyclers’ multifaceted efforts, from marketplace to recycling education and technology development, exemplify their dedication to combating e-waste pollution in Africa.

By Elijah Christopher 


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