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The electricity grids of Egypt and Sudan were officially connected on Friday with an initial capacity of 60 megawatts, Sudan’s Ministry of Energy and Mining said.

The extension of the grid to Sudan’s northern regions was completed with testing on Friday morning, part of efforts to expand power supply, Reuters quoted the ministry to have said. The line was completed in April last year with a length of 100 km (62 miles) in Egypt and 70 km (44 miles) in Sudan, the Egyptian cabinet said in a statement last weekend.

The first phase of connectivity aims to provide Sudan with a capacity of up to 70 megawatts, increasing to 300 megawatts in the second phase after the upgrade of some Sudanese power stations, it added. Egypt has rapidly expanded its power generation in recent years and has been looking to export surplus electricity to neighbouring countries.

Experts have recommended that African countries can share elctricity to tackle the problems of power outages and system overload or collapse.



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