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Sallah celebration in Africa is always a thing of beauty.

It brings people from far and near to pray and celebrate 🙂

Muslims in Africa and other parts of the world celebrate Eid-El-Fitr to mark the end of Ramadan—fasting.

In Nigeria, the most populous country on the continent, minor prayers to mark the start of Shawwal—’festival of breaking fasting’ open the celebration. Besides the regular practice of ram-slaughtering and cooking different varieties of African food for merriment; it’s really a time for reflection and to promote unity among people.

For the first time after three years in Katsina—a north western state in Nigeria, Eid-El-Fitr was celebrated with hearts full of joy. The state was initially facing serious cholera outbreak and insecurity.

Eid-El-Fitr in pictures:

By Elijah Christopher


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