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Esaal, an Egyptian health startup, has raised $1.7 million from a recent seed funding.

The health company was founded in 2018 and so far raised $3 million in funding. A big chunk of the funds is set aside to deal with the mental health crisis in the country.

Studies show that one-quarter of Egypt’s population is estimated to suffer from mental health issues.

Esaal is doing a great job to help people heal mentally reaching out to its users by sending consistent text messages, calls, as well as in-person home visits. 

It has over 1million users making use of its services via mobile application. Users get to pay with their credit cards, Fawry, Vodafone, or just cash.

In the words of the CEO, Fadi Doss:

“It’s been an incredible journey building a solution we are supremely passionate about, with the unparalleled support of experienced and strategic investors such as A15, who are literally building this business alongside us, with expertise that has enabled our expansion into key target markets.”

 “We have only scratched the surface in an untapped market and are actively working to secure further capital to fuel our continued growth. Esaal has become a name synonymous with trust, quality and access to health and wellness professionals that can help users obtain better outcomes.”

You can find Esaal now in 7 countries outside Egypt: KSA, Tunisia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Palestine and Iraq.

“There are millions more people across an enormous region that would benefit from our fresh approach to holistic health and we are thrilled to be in a position to keep growing and connecting more health professionals with patients in underserved markets,” the CEO added.

By Elijah Christopher



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