Ethiopia’s PM encourages citizens to remain united amid chaos

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed whose party won the parliamentary election last week has promised to retaliate after rebels launched another attack to regain territory in the war-torn Tigray region.

He encourages Ethiopians to remain united despite the unrest. The recent attacks have put Makelle, regional capital, back into the hands of the rebels. 


Since last year, thousands of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands continue to face hardship battling hunger.

On Wednesday, Abiy Ahmed, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, said though he remained committed to peace but wouldn’t watch things slide to achieve it — knowing it would come at a “cost”.

It also seems the rebels will stop at no cost as he accused them of recruiting children to fight.

“We will defend and repel these attacks by our internal and external enemies, while working to speed up humanitarian efforts,” Abiy posted on Twitter.

Last year in November, Ethiopia’s government ordered troops to detain and disarm the leaders of the then ruling party, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) as a response to TPLF attacks on federal army camps.

Currently to avoid further conflict, the federal government has declared a unilateral ceasefire.

“We’ve undertaken a unilateral ceasefire to avoid further conflict, to provide the people with a reprieve during the farming season, and to allow aid operations to proceed without excuse,

“Even though we knew peace would exact some cost on us, we have taken the peaceful option,” the Prime Minister said.

By Elijah Christopher

Elijah Christopher

Elijah Christopher is a journalist at A New Touch Of Africa, is also a creative writer, a poet, and an IT enthusiast. He contributed to the collaborative poem written in celebration of Edwin Morgan Centenary, the first Glasgow poet laureate and Scottish national poet from the University of Glasgow. He loves meeting people and learning about new places, cultures, events, and lifestyles.

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