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The Big Brother Naija season 4 reunion show is gradually coming to an
end after a couple of weeks on pure entertainment from the housemates.
Tagged ‘cut-throat wahala’, all the reality stars who were
participants at the 4th edition of the show themed ‘Pepperdem’
converged at the show’s venue for a re-union over a period of few
The entertainment which commenced on June 1st 2020, will soon becoming to an end with so much lessons to learn. Fights, quarrels,
friendships, relationships were some of the actions that took place at
the initially organized show. A re-union was put up in order to know
how each one felt about the other, in order to ensure settlements
before eventually moving to the outside world. With 21 contestants,
the show captivated the hearts of many especially the youths. reports that another edition will be aired on Monday
June 29th as a grand finale of the show at African Magic Family and
Urban at 10:00pm, and GOTV Africa Magic Family Channel 2 at 10:30pm.

The housemates resolved their issues, grew and unlearned different
things about themselves. Of course, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the host of the
show captivated viewer’s attention with his unique styles of fashion
which he has always been known for.

The show which saw Mercy Eke emerge winner featured the following
housemates: Mercy, Mike, Omashola, Seyi, Frodd, Diane, Elozonam, Ike,
Venita, Cindy, Enkay, Tacha, Nelson,  Esther, Kim Oprah, Jackye,
Khafi, Gedoni, Sir Dee, Ella, Avala,  Isilomo, and Joe. The initial
programme featured some interesting scenes which included, Veto Power
Game of Chance, Bet9ja Coins, the splitting of housemates into the
Icons and Cruisetopia teams, Big Brother Naija Games or Nomination

The show kicked off on June 1st with only 10 housemates present, while
others joined virtually. The housemates include; Jackye, Esther,
Frodd, Venita, Seyi, Omashola, Kim Oprah, Tacha, Mercy, and Ike were
the first 10 housemates to be introduced into the BBNaija Reunion
house while Nelson, Joe, Diane, Tuoyo, Elozonam and Thelma joined

The first day highlights the expectations of the housemates from the
re-union show, while the second episode was all about originality.
Most of the housemates agreed that Diane was original as the character
she played during the show was same after the show. The lesson learnt
here, is for people to learn to be original in whatever they do rather
than play the script of another. Be yourself!

The third episode, reveals the lifestyle of housemates. Mercy
revealed  it was her lifestyle not to repeat a particular clothes
twice, hence she came with so much clothes to the show. Still on the
third day, while discussing who bragged more, Omashola was said to
have bragged and showed off his personality, while majority felt Tacha
bragged more and showed it off very often. The lesson learnt here is
for we humans to brag less and just focus on being who we are by
The fourth episode taught a lesson about lies. WE learnt never to lie
just as Ella lied about her mum’s health. Be truthful at all times.

The Fifth episode was about Ella on the shopping board, and the hitted
argument between Thema and Tacha over fish, but they let go
afterwards. This teaches us to let go of certain issues after
arguments and move on in life.
On the sixth day, Mercy wrote on social media that Ike’s friendship
with Tacha was disrespectful to her. She said, “Ike & Tacha were
disrespectful to me via social media. If you love someone you should
be firm”. In defence, Ike pointed out that himself and Tacha were not
disrespecting her, but rather she disrespected him by her speculations
and that of her fans. We learnt that we should not often be suspicious
of our dates and spouses when with the opposite sex, because it might
not really be what we think.

The seventh day was the Mercy/Omashola fight which they had at the
show. Mercy complained bitterly that Omashola came into the bathroom
when Ike and herself was bathing and threw condoms at them jokingly.
Mercy got furious and attacked Omashola but other housemates had to
interfere to calm the situation. Mercy then accused him of
slut-shaming her at the diary session calling her all sorts of names
like prostitutes and when he leaves the diary session he will pretend
as if nothing happened. The lesson learnt is that what ever one person
takes as joke, another may see it otherwise, so everyone needs to be
conscious of their behaviours towards others.
The eighth and ninth days were all about understanding each other’s
character, while Day 10, revealed closeness, that is how much a person
was close to the other.

Day 11 featured the two most talked about housemates, Mercy and Tacha
and what led to the fight and disqualification of the latter. The
lesson learnt from here is that no one is almighty no matter the
backing, rather grace puts people at the top.
Day 12, still dwelt on the fights various house mates had with theother during the show, the day after talked about the house mates’
social media fans. The 15th day highlighted the pressures received by
each house mates after the show, while the 16th episode, was about
friends turning situations for good in the house (Friendszone).
With these in mind, one can tell easily how much lessons learnt so far
from the programme. Today, Monday June 29th, another episode with lots
of lessons to learn will be aired for the viewers’ interest



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