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Farouk Kadous an Egyptian restauranteur started his entrepreneurial journey working for his father’s and mother’s family companies—export-oriented textile factories, and a multinational energy products and services company called Elsewedy Electric.

The young man and a close friend later developed interest for venture capital (VC) investing. After working to support early-stage startups for a while, Farouk Kadous desired to own his own business.

Sometimes the ideas that would turn things around doesn’t have to necessarily come from the business owner. The idea that led to Kadous’ restaurant called Chickin Worx was shaped by his sister, an artist.

It all started with the idea of having a boutique art café. In line with the fact that Kadous schooled in the US and admired the restaurant business over there such as Chick-fil-A, the fusion then gave birth to Chickin Worx designed for the average household in Egypt. In 2019, the first outlet was opened.

Kadous met with huddles ahead like the pandemic hit, finding the best location thereafter, new competition, and changing menu items to keep the masses satisfied.

Despite the challenges, the young man continues to be driven by one goal—providing quality at an affordable price.

Our menu must satisfy 90% of the customer base. When there is a group of five people, two usually want to eat grilled chicken, so they end up going somewhere else – Farouk Kadous

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By Elijah Christopher


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